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THE GREAT AMAZING RACE​ - "Where Smiles & Teamwork Rule" 

Since 2012 / Over 300 Races & Thousands of Smiles 

#1 Rated AMAZING RACE Fundraiser

  The Great Amazing Race Series was founded in 2012 as an activity to promote health, wellness & teamwork among family members, friends and co-workers. We have taken the concept of the popular television show THE AMAZING RACE and created a family-friendly activity that is enjoyed by thousands of participants every year in NFL, NBA and MLB cities all across the country. Since our initial debut, we have continued to grow hosting more than 60 races annually.


CHARITY PARTNER - Donate Sneakers for Pediatric Cancer
  The Great Amazing Race partners with the Max Cure Foundationwhich has raised over $2 million dollars to fight against pediatric cancer. We invite teams to join the fight by donating 2 pairs of used sneakers or running shoes at local race. These items will be converted in dollars to support children fighting cancer. Teams that donate 2 will receive a free 2 minute time-saver token for the race.  You see, one good deed deserves another. 

30 MINUTES-A-DAY Academic Initiative
  The Great Amazing Race
 supports the 30 MINUTES-A-DAY Academic Initiative, a national D.I.T. (Do-It-Together) campaign that encourages families to engage in one of three home activities for 30 minutes each day (together) that can improve a students academic performance and family quality of life. 

  1. Reading Books or Doing Math ... Together

  2. Eating Healthy ... Together

  3. Playing or Exercising ... Together 



  Inspired by THE AMAZING RACE television show, two-person teams race around a 1.5 mile cross country course completing a string of up to 8 fun-filled outdoor challenges.  Clue Cards provided at each station describes a challenge (task, obstacle, relay, etc.) that each team must complete before proceeding to the next challenge station. Teams strive to arrive at the finish line with fastest overall time to be declared the winners.  How well you work together (communicate & collaborate) is the most essential skill to winning the race. Racers should be prepared to get a little dirty and wet - it's part of the fun!  It's way more exciting than a 5K race! 

  1. The race is open to walkers, joggers and runners - ages 4 to 84.   
  2. A team consist of 2 people - adult/adult, adult/kid or kid/kid. 
  3. Each race offers 2 course levels ... Recreation Course (for those who prefer to go at a leisure pace) or the Competitive Course (for those who prefer a challenge and are physically active)
  4. ​Teams compete in 4 race divisions ... Grades Pre K-2 / 3-5 / 6-8 / 9-adult ... based on grade of younger team member. 
  5. Time-Eraser Token are offered. Teams that donate 2 used pairs of sneakers for pediatric cancer will receive a free 2 minute time-saver token. (Max of 1 token per team)
  6.  Plan on 60 minutes to complete course.
  7. Spectators are welcome to tag along & cheer on the contestants ... for FREE! 

  8. The race will be held rain or shine. For the safety of the participants - if there is lightning in the area, the race will either have a delayed start or, depending on the intensity of the weather, be cancelled. The determination will be made by the Event Management staff.

  1st place medals are presented to division winners, which are determined by age/grade of younger team member ... Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8 and Grades 9-Adult teams. 

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