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2. $300 Gold Sponsor: B to E Benefits ... (2 available per city race) 

4. $100 Bronze Insert Sponsor: F Benefits ... (4 available per city race)

3. $200 Silver Sponsor: B to E Benefits ... (4 available per city race) 

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5. In-Kind Sponsor: Donations at Realized Value (i.e. products, gift cards, prizes, raffle items, media, etc.)

A. Exhibitor receives:

    - Logo link on race web page.

    - Opportunity to host a race station

       ... dramatically increases exposure. 
B. Exhibitor is exclusive category sponsor & representative speaks (2-3 minutes) to all attendees during welcome ceremonies ... great promotional opportunity.  
C. Exhibitor receives team entry passes (Platinum 5 / Gold 3) ... great for use with customers, employees, friends and promotions. 

D. Exhibitor receives booth space (10x10) ... great opportunity to pass out product/information & interact with attendees

E. Exhibitor receives participant's contact information ... great for following up. 
F. Exhibitor provided coupon or promotional items to be distributed by GAR staff to attendees at the race.

LOCAL SPONSORSHIPS (benefits description at bottom of page) 
1. $500 Platinum Sponsor: A to E Benefits ... (2 available per city race) 

$1,500 National Sponsor: Company logo linked on website and large company logo on all race shirts for 12 months

​​​​SPONSORSHIP: A Great Way to Promote Your Company and Gain Sales! 
Note. 86% of consumers will try a new company, product, or service as a result of a gift card or coupon.


   We are looking for companies, businesses and community organizations who want to promote their business and gain sales while supporting The Great Amazing Race Series and pediatric cancer.  Your business will be promoted to thousands of customers through our print, digital and social media networks.  In return, you will receive sales from area residents:
   1. Visiting your store or location. 
   2. Calling for more information about your product or service.
   3. Utilizing the gift card or coupon.
   4. Visiting your website.

   We accept corporate sponsors, small business sponsors and in-kind donations.  In order to give each sponsor its due attention, there are a finite numbers of sponsor opportunities available at each city race.  Sponsorship fills up quickly so choose your category early.    

   Payments can be made by check or credit card.  Feel free to contact us to discuss a mutually beneficial partnership on a national, regional or local level.  Thank you and we look forward to working with you.

Sincerely, ​​

Gregory Benton

President/Founder, The Great Amazing Race Company

 CONTACT US: (e)  (p) 513.518.0528  

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