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Earn $1,000 ... With No Money Up Front!  

You do not have to be a 501(c)3 organization to

participate in the program. Sign up below. 

#1 Rated AMAZING RACE Fundraiser​ 

Perfect for schools, teams, groups and causes.  


   THE GREAT AMAZiNG RACE fundraiser program was created in 2012 as a vehicle to promote a healthy & active lifestyle in communities all across the country. We are delighted to work with schools, teams, organizations and charities in the various cities to support their fundraising endeavors.  Our fundraiser program requires no money up front and delivers great results! 

   We recommend that you submit your application early to maximize the opportunity.  If you have any questions, please contact us at: 


(p) 513.518.0528   

Here's how Fundraiser program works:

1. Submit application. 

2. You will receive a unique ID Code (i.e. ABC Elementary, ABC Scouts, ABC Playground Project) to share with prospective participants in the community. 

3. Once the race is complete, you will receive donation for teams that utilize ID Code when registering. 

       10 - 29 teams = $15 donation for each team ($150-$435) 

       30 - 60 teams = $18 donation for each team ($540-$1,080)

​It's that simple! No paperwork or forms to collect. ​

Note.  Does not apply to discount and promotional offers.